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Azadi Innovation Factory is the first branch of Pardis Technology Park which was established under the auspices of the Vice Presidency for Scientific and Technology Affairs and by participation of government and private sector in Azadi Square. With an area covering 18,500 square meters, Azadi Innovation Factory was an abandoned factory named 'AMA' which was reconstructed and changed into the first innovation company in Iran and the first branch of Pardis Technology Park.

Pardis Technology Park's experience shows that the contiguity of three important elements including entrepreneurship events, centers for co-working spaces and accelerators play major role in completing entrepreneurship chain. These elements can create synergy for teams, start-ups and decrease commercialization and support cost. It can also reinforce identity of members and branding. The three elements together have created a new concept called Azadi Innovation Factory.

The importance of contiguity of teams and start-ups, which are mostly students, with university made Pardis Technology Park launch a branch for presenting services to teams and those who come up with the idea.

There are nine accelerators and expert innovation centers in various fields in the factory which support teams, those who come up with the idea in fields of information technology, health safety, content production and insurance and financial innovation.

The construction process of the factory has become finalized and it has been inaugurated officially by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on November 5, 2019.

Based on planning and the programs presented by accelerators in the factory, grounds will be prepared for the presence of over 2,500 people in the factory.  

Suitable workplace, professional marketing services, expert training, safe technical infrastructures, consultations with experienced counselors, having connections with investors and Marketing Angels, supplying capital, continuation of synergy and learning after acceleration period in a concentrated geographical area are among characteristics of the factory.

Restaurant, café and gym are among other services which will be provided for start-ups. Access to the public transport network (subway and bus) and intercity (passenger terminal and airport) are also among the advantages of the Azadi Innovation Factory.

After passing registration process, Start-up teams will be able to use some of the advantages of Pardis Technology Park and will receive supports.

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